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Uncovering The World Of Blockchain And Cryptocurrency With Crypto Chick, Rachel Wolfson

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are creating one among the largest digital disruptions for the reason that upward thrust of the choices Internet.

In this podcast, tech journalist Rachel Wolfson speaks with enterprise pioneers inside the crypto community to higher understand traits, ideas, new opportunities and the overall effect cryptocurrency and blockchain generation may have on the choices entire global.

the crypto chick

Rachel Wolfson is a blockchain and cryptocurrency journalist who contributes to Forbes and a number of other guides. Rachel has been writing about the tech industry for nearly 10 years and has been focusing especially on blockchain and cryptocurrency for the past years. As a journalist, Rachel interviews some of the most influential human beings in the blockchain and crypto space and frequently travels the sector for conferences. She became recently named by Next Web as one of the pinnacle 5 women operating to trade the sector of crypto and become featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as an influential female in blockchain. In addition to Rachel’s writing abilities and knack for journalism, she is a fitness addict who loves spending time on the sector’s maximum lovely seashores.

Latest Episodes

Apr 7, 2020 carried out to ensure authenticity of diamonds and other luxurious items. Everledger, which is powered by Hyperledger Fabric, is a blockchain community that captures the “DNA” of a diamond. That information is then mapped throughout the choices deliver chain, all of the way from a mining company to the choices retailers. As Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, Leanne also discusses how she is asking at coverage enablement for blockchain inside the Australian authorities.

Blockchain within the The Crypto Chick

Denellel Dixon, CEO and Executive Director of the choices Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), explains how SFD is using blockchain to free up the sector’s monetary ability. According to Dixon, SFD is earning money greater fluid, markets greater open, and empowering extra humans that didn’t have get admission to to a financial system previously. Dixon also explains her adventure into the choices blockchain space, even as sharing her thoughts on being a female government in a male ruled enterprise.

Creating Money Without Borders Using Crypto

Mar three, 2020 can be used as cash without borders. The platform features as a cryptocurrency pockets, at the same time as additionally connecting its users to crypto lending apps, crypto tax offerings, invoicing structures and more. O’Connor additionally discusses why Uphold has eliminated all trade charges, citing how the choices organization is still able to generate sales. O’Connor in the end explains how Uphold offers customers anywhere get entry to to economic services, that in any other case may be impossible.

Mining Handshake and other The Crypto Chick

In this episode of The Crypto Chick podcast, CEO and Co-Founder of Coinmine, Farbood Nivi, explains how clients can mine cryptocurrency at home via Coinmine. Nivi also pronounces that Coinmine is capable of mining Handshake, a new cryptocurrency tied to decentralized domains. In addition, Nivi explains why cryptocurrency is enormous to society as an entire.

Roger Ver, Betting Big on Bitcoin Cash — Not Bitcoin

Jan 28, 2020 the benefits of Bitcoin Cash. He explains how Bitcoin Cash is getting used as a charge approach, citing that it’s solving economic troubles in countries like Venezuela. Roger additionally discusses the choices important function of solid coins, explaining what they can provide while built on pinnacle of Bitcoin Cash. Moreover, Roger expresses his frustrations around Bitcoin adoption, noting that Bitcoin Cash is the most effective crypto that allows individuals to manipulate their personal cash. Finally, Roger explains how and why Bitcoin Cash is expanding to different countries like Asia and Turkey, additionally bringing up that Bitcoin Cash may be familiar at 15,000 locations throughout the choices US.

Charles Hoskinson Discusses Cardano and New Balance Partnership, IOHK’s paintings in Africa and China’s Blockchain Strategy

Jan 14, 2020 based technology entrepreneur and mathematician. He attended Metropolitan State University of Denver and the choices University of Colorado Boulder to observe analytic wide variety theory before getting into cryptography thru enterprise publicity. He has founded 3 cryptocurrency-associated begin-ups: Invictus Innovations, Ethereum, and IOHK, and he has held posts in each the public and private sectors. He became the choices founding chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation’s schooling committee and set up the choices Cryptocurrency Research Group in 2013.

His current focus is on cryptocurrency training, encouraging decentralization, and introducing cryptographic equipment to the mainstream. This includes leading the studies, layout, and development of Cardano, a third-technology cryptocurrency that launched in 2017.

Alex Tapscott on DeFi and The Financial Services Revolution

Dec 17, 2019 the nice use instances for organisation blockchain focus on data sharing, noting that facts being immutable throughout a blockchain community makes this is a fantastic answer for provienance monitoring, managing documents across special entities and for doing away with 0.33 celebration intermediaries which are inefficient. She explains unique use instances, together with the choices IBM Food Trust community and Verified.Me. Marie additionally touches on the future of company blockchain and what trends to assume subsequent.

Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger

Nov 5, 2019 personal incubator and advisory business enterprise that invests within the digital securities surroundings. Chainstone owns Watchdog Capital, an SEC registered FINRA dealer provider, Atlantic Financial, an RIA and the choices Satoshi Roundtable, an enterprise occasion collection. Fenton is a former FINRA most important and economic consultant focusing on rising markets and generation. Bruce has worked on Bitcoin since 2012, with the choices Bitcoin Foundation and co-founding father of the Bitcoin Association. He’s been lively in Ethereum, Ravencoin and other projects. Previously, Fenton labored in Saudi Arabia for a large private fairness firm and a multinational basis.

Yoav Dror, CEO and Co-Founder of PumaPay

Sep 24, 2019 program listing of PegaSys and Grace Hartley, method and operations partner at PegaSys, discuss Hyperledger Besu. PegaSys is the choices protocol engineering crew at ConsenSys and has been the number one contributor and maintainer of the codebase at the middle of Hyperledger Besu when you consider that its launch in November 2018 as Pantheon. As part of the choices Hyperledger community, Hyperledger Besu is the choices first task which could operate The Crypto Chick

Adam Gunther, Director of IBM Trust Identity, sheds light on digital identification and the choices role it performs in the company blockchain area. Adam is going into element about the problem digital identity is fixing after which gives real-international examples of virtual identity being implemented on blockchain networks. Adam emphasis how digital identification allows lessen fraud and ensures steady information sharing for both organizations and consumers.

Billion-Dollar Enterprises Tapping Into The Bitcoin Blockchain

Aug 13, 2019 dollar businesses are leveraging the choices Bitcoin blockchain. Gleb is going into element approximately Exonum’s anchoring process and shares business enterprise use instances that exhibit the choices blessings of groups tapping into the Bitcoin community. Gleb additionally shares some breaking information concerning The Crypto Chick

Suzanne Livingston, IBM Food Trust Offering Director, explains how IBM makes use of blockchain era through their Food Trust Network to trace meals from leading shops. Suzanne is going into element about how Golden State Foods, the main company of McDonald’s hamburger meat, makes use of the IBM blockchain to ensure that meat is saved at safe temperatures and is without problems traceable. Suzanne additionally explains how a leading European grocery provider permits purchasers to test a QR-code to research wherein meals comes from and more.

Taxes and Cryptocurrency: Bridging The Gap For Regulators

Jul sixteen, 2019 have become extra of a concern as cryptocurrency is going mainstream. Bittax founder, Gidi Bar-Zakay and vp, Or Lokay Cohen, give an explanation for how cryptocurrency holders have to deal with taxes. Moreover, the duo is going into element as to how cryptocurrency taxes are bridging the space among The Crypto Chick

Galia Benartzi, co-founding father of Bancor, explains the choices origins of Bancor, which changed into inspired by using a community foreign money referred to as hearts. She then explains how Bancor is supplying liquidity for cryptocurrency and why this is important for a new, virtual financial system. Galia also stocks her thoughts on Facebook’s Libra token, explaining why this is a high quality benefit for the choices blockchain and cryptocurrency enterprise. In addition, Galia touches on the subject matter of why Bancor has confined use of their platform to United States citizens The Crypto Chick

Tory Reiss, co-founder of TrustToken, discusses stablecoins and the way these cryptocurrencies are being applied in the course of the choices blockchain ecosystem. He makes use of TrustToken’s USD-sponsored stablecoin, TrueUSD, as an instance of a stablecoin being applied to help developing international locations. He also explains how stablecoins can be used for portfolio building. Additionally, he goes into detail about his current meeting The Crypto Chick

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK and Founder of Cardano (ADA), explains the choices factors of a scientific blockchain. Through mathematical proofs and code, protocol improvement turns into much less wrong and greater strong. Charles additionally explains why Cardano is a blockchain platform construct on the choices Haskell programming language. He also goes into element as to how blockchain and cryptocurrency will exchange the arena through supplying economic get right of entry to to billions of people anywhere. Finally, Charles speaks about IOHK’s state-of-the-art employer blockchain undertaking, Atala.

Tim Draper – Venture Capitalist & Founder of Draper Associates, DFJ & Draper Venture Network

Apr 17, 2019 stocks his thoughts on how Bitcoin will trade the arena. He explains how he become involved with Bitcoin and the choices ability the choices cryptocurrency has to transform cross-border bills, remittances and a number of other use cases. Draper also explains why JP Morgan’s coin – JPM Coin – will in no way be as a hit as Bitcoin. Additionally, he discusses why the price of Bitcoin lately spiked, at the same time as also bringing up that Bitcoin will truly hit 250k through 2022 or 2023.

Justin Sun – Founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent

Apr 6, 2019 the choices USDT-TRX stablecoin manner for TRON, BitTorrent and the whole blockchain enterprise as an entire. Justin additionally mentions ability future partnerships with firms so that it will help facilitate move border bills in the destiny. Additionally, Justin shares his mind on Ethereum and Vitalik Buterin’s recent tweets regarding TRON.

Dr. Larry Sanger – Co-Founder of Wikipedia, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Everpedia

Apr 2, 2019 chief data officer. Dr. Sanger also goes into detail as to why social media networks need to be decentralized in an effort to permit users to have control of their data. He explains his inspiration for a “announcement of virtual independence” and for a global The Crypto Chick

Jesse Lund, head of IBM Blockchain, discusses how IBM is making use of blockchain generation to a number of industries to resolve diverse, real-international troubles. Jesse additionally breaks the choices information of IBM Blockchain World Wire going stay into production on the choices Stellar community, explaining how this can optimize and accelerate foreign exchange and cross border charge services.

Evaluating The State Of Blockchain in 2019 With Ella Zhang, Head of Binance Labs

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