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Welcome to OpenSea's CryptoKitties Guide! Here you may locate useful hyperlinks for both the choices trading platform and the game itself. Enjoy!

Resources taken from and the choices CryptoKitties Discord channel.

CryptoKitties are collectible and breedable virtual cats. It’s the world’s first recreation constructed on the Ethereum network. When two CryptoKitties breed, their offspring’s appearance and cattributes are determined through every determine’s 256-bit genome and an detail of danger, leading to four-billion viable genetic variations.

CryptoKitties become created to discover the choices concept of virtual shortage, enforce a non-fungible token inside smart contracts ERC #721, and make blockchain generation accessible to ordinary consumers.

See the choices Getting Started page for details on making ready to play the sport!

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Getting Kitties

Check out the OpenSea Marketplace at or purchase kitties from In addition you may Breed your own kitties among themselves (if they're now not related), and or you can breed your kitties with other consumer's kitties (users can 'Sire' their kitties).

For unique records on buying and promoting kitties from the choices OpenSea market, test out the choices Buy and Sell Kitties section of this Wiki.

There are 2 most important sports in CryptoKitties: Breeding and Siring. These are the choices way in which rare kitties come into life for the choices most part. As Kitties Breed, they get less and much less effective at doing so every time by using layout. This makes uncommon kitties which could nevertheless breed extremely precious. When those excessive tier kitties turn out to be so gradual to reproduce that they retire, their offspring will usually take the title of 'most treasured'.

Breeding in CryptoKitties is designed to behave like breeding in actual lifestyles with appreciate to the choices passing down of trends / genes. There is a Dame (the choices lady kitty if you want to birth a new kitty) and the choices Sire (male kitty). Any kitty can play the function of Dame/Sire, but you can’t carry out each activities at the equal time. Both the choices Dame and Sire's genes are blended collectively to produce a brand new kitty. Just like in nature, a few traits are recessive, and some skip generations. When breeding, you pick one in all your kitties to be the Dame. You have to additionally pick some other one among your eligible kitties to be the choices Sire, or hire one from some other person, through the choices CryptoKitties market. Breeding is executed through the choices CryptoKitties website

As instance, permit's breed one in all JBDoge's Kitties as a Dame with any other user's Sire! First we'll visit our 'My Kitties' page (

​Coolio is eligible to Breed, so we'll click on on her, taking us to Coolio's CryptoKitties web page. She is a fifteen Gen kitty which isn't extremely good, but she has a few high-quality tendencies, and is quite lovely! Her mother and father have been pretty beautiful as well. Note that she has a 'Plodding' cooldown, so it’ll take some time for her child to be born.

You'll be aware that a number of her Cattributes have gemstones in them. This indicates that this Kitty is an immediate descendant of the first Kitty to have the ones tendencies (this can be a era Zero kitty). Coolio looks as if she can also yield any other stunning cat, so lets search for a kitty to reproduce her with.

We'll head to the choices CryptoKitties marketplace and click on on the choices siring tab ( There are many filters, but permit's attempt to locate another kitty with Henna markings on them. We'll kind 'henna' inside the search bar, and type by 'Cheapest'. After searching through the outcomes, JBDoge reveals a Sire (Kitty #524919) he desires to mate with Coolio, and comes to a decision to reproduce.

Let's click the choices 'Breed Now' button. This will take us to a brand new web page in which we have to pick our Dame, in this case Coolio.

Clicking “OK, give them a few privacy” will deliver us a Metamask transaction pop-up which we ought to SUBMIT to absolutely begin the breeding system. Note that the choices owner of the choices Sire (Mittens), will receive 0.004 ETH, but there will also be a zero.008 ETH CryptoKitties fee for breeding. This brings the overall fee 0.012 ETH + Ethereum network transactions prices (actual Transfer price become 0.00021846 ETH).

We wait a couple of minutes for the choices transaction to finish, and now if we cross lower back to the choices 'My Kitties' web page we are able to see that Coolio has a 'bun inside the oven'. Her offspring can be born in three hours.

A few hours later…

YAY! We simply obtained an e mail from the CryptoKitties group, letting us realize our toddler kitty has arrived! Let's take a glance:

We can see that our offspring has gotten a completely best cut up of genetic developments directly from its dad and mom, which isn’t extraordinarily sudden given how similar they regarded initially. Here's a visualization how the traits have been distributed:

We'll supply our new kitty a name by clicking on her call tag overwriting the choices default name of “Kitty 529106”. Let's name her Queenie. You can view her without delay on the choices CryptoKitties website here:​

For even greater in-depth breeding strategies, test out the Advanced Breeding web page

Siring is a way to earn cash out of your uncommon kitties, without promoting them. You essentially 'lease' them out to every other user, to get the opposite person's kitty to have a 'bun within the oven'. This is sincerely a long way less difficult than breeding. Your important issues are:

Making positive to rate your Sire competitively.

Making positive your sire has rare/suited trends. See to get an concept of ways rare sure developments are.

NOTE: Since there is a transaction charge to listing your Kitty, you’ll lose some cash if nobody breeds with your Sire. This is why it's essential to ensure you’ve got an extraordinary, but well-priced Sire. Let's sire our new kitty, Queenie! First we'll visit her kitty page ( and click on the choices 'Breed' button.

This will take us to a brand new page, wherein we will either Sire Queenie to the general public, or to our very own kitties. For this situation, we're going to try and recoup some of our money from the choices Breeding consultation above, with the aid of Siring Queenie to the public. Since Queenie's era isn't so extremely good (16), we're gonna sire her for the same charge we paid to Mittens (proprietor of Kitty #524919). We'll listing Queenie's 'services' for 0.004ETH, for 30 days.

Once we've were given the phrases set, we'll click 'Done' so one can generate a Metamask transaction. We'll SUBMIT that and watch for the Ethereum transaction to finish. Once the choices transaction is complete, we will view our active Siring pastime on the choices CryptoKitties website online (

A few moments skip

Interesting, we just obtained an email from the choices CryptoKitties team. A person has already Sired with Queenie after just a few moments available on the market!

And positive enough, zero.004ETH was deposited into our pockets. YAY!